Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Dear Caroline,

First off - Caroline is one of the most amazing bloggers i've ever known - visit her blog here!
Secondly - her Swedish blog has even reached the starved eyes of a fashion-starved and obsessed teenager (which is me) living in the style-deprived Asian city of Hong Kong
Thirdly - I check out her blog everyday and it's full of styling tips, fashion news, magazine editorials, and everything else fashion related that you can pretty much think of
Fourthly - she's awesome and i love her to bits!

So hello Caroline, if you're reading this, just to let you know I think you're amazing :) And I'm probably just one in a million of fangirls/fanboys out in the wide world of the internet who loves you. I think being able to create 14 looks from 14 items itself is pretty damn fabulous - at least it's not something i can do since i have a gazillion pieces in my wardrobe and I usually spend about an hour deciding what to wear in the morning.

Out of the fourteen looks Caroline put together, I liked the one that i posted above best. I love the way the colours are just so neutral and yet so feminine, and it really suits me since my style is very eclectic. I think i should win this contest because: 1. I am in love with just about everything in this look - it's given me real inspiration. I do possess a kind of undying love for it, i think. It also incorporates one of spring's biggest trends - the military-green utility jacket!

Two, well, Hong Kong is not only fashion-deprived, but also devoid of any style whatsoever - naturally we don't have the most fashion-forward and also affordable (for students like me) stores like topshop and Gina Tricot - i've been yearning for stuff from Gina Tricot for ageess! So this is pretty much the only opportunity i'll get to be able to receive such items, and on top of that, they're picked out by one of my favourite bloggers, so of course i really really want to win this competition and receive these fabulous things!

And thirdly, I've never won anything from anyone because i really don't have this kind of luck, so i'm really hoping this time i'd win since i know i'm going to love the prizes so much.
Last but not least, I'm just a student with practically no money at hand, so this is the only chance in which i might be able to (finally) receive such prestigious items that i desire so much.

Caroline, if you're reading this, I just wanted to thank you for creating such an incredible blog which has inspired me so much. Also, even though you might not choose me, i'd like to thank you for hosting such brilliant competitions and letting me have the slightest glimpse of hope in winning such competitions :) thanks so much!